hotrod® Cartridge Heater

(type HHP and LHT) are core products of hotset's tradition. Excellent knowledge, high-quality materials as well as the outstanding manufacturing guarantee long life and excellent product features.

By intensive cooperation - also with special applications - hotset gives again and again innovative impulses to its hotrod®cartridge heaters with new technical features (e .g. humidity-resistant connection area).

By optimal production conditions of Hotset Malta Ltd. an unique price-performance ratio can be achieved for larger quantities. hotset hotrod®cartridge heaters offer high functionality and high production safety - driving quality!

Application examples

  • Injection moulding - Internal heating of nozzles
  • Hot runner systems - Heating of manifolds
  • Packaging industry - Heating of welding bars
  • Packaging industry - Heating of hot stamps
  • Textile Industry - Heating of cutting knives
  • Paper Industry - Heating of stamping rolls
  • Laboratories - Heating of analytical equipment

Small, smaller, smallest ...

hotrod Ø 1/8 inch (3.1 mm)

hotrod Cartridge Heater up to 1,000 °C

High-temperature cartridge heater:
Thermodynamic applications up to 1,000 °C

Stock Range

To find your favorable item from stock please see brochure download on the right. Stock items start at page 9. Please request stock items by the default contact form.


Order today until 10:00 a.m. hotrod® heaters (type HHP), then they will be ready for dispatch tomorrow. With this service hotset makes the purchase of hotrod® heating elements for his customers easier and reduces the delivery time considerably. We can only accept orders with a lot of 2-20 pcs. per order.

The express service includes all standard hotrod® heating elements with and without thermocouple with

  • a diameter of 6.5 mm, 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 12.5 mm, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch
  • standard connection leads such as glass silk insulated, silicon and PTFE-insulated nickel leads with continous leads from inside or externally installed
  • different connection sleeves such as flexible metal sleeving, braided metal sleeving, stainless steel sleeve, protective spring (only welded), silicon impregnated glass silk sleeve
  • assemblies such as angular block, tube section, round angular block, screw-in nipple, removal aid and flange

According to UL and CSA certified hotrod Cartridge Heaters

Certification according to UL and CSA standards requires a high level of fire protection and high voltage test as well as UL approved materials. hotrod® Cartridge Heaters meet these specific requirements and therefore are UL recognized components. Please find details on UL certified hotrod cartridge heaters in our brochure (see download right culumn).

VDE certified hotrod Cartridge Heaters

Various VDE certifications highlight the electrical safety of our hotrod cartridge heaters.