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Fakuma 2021

In ad­di­tion to the con­tin­u­ous ex­pan­sion of its range of heat­ing el­e­ments and tem­per­a­ture sen­sors, hotset is push­ing ahead with the de­vel­op­ment of in­no­v­a­tive sys­tem so­lu­tions for use in plas­tics tech­nol­o­gy. The Z‑System for par­tial-cycli­cal tem­per­a­ture con­trol of in­jec­tion molds and the D‑System for im­me­di­ate analy­sis of the ther­mo­hy­draulic events of the wa­ter cir­cuits in the cav­i­ties are now re­gard­ed as trend-set­ting. Vis­i­tors to the company’s Faku­ma booth this year can test both so­lu­tions us­ing prac­ti­cal demonstrators.

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In situ visualization of hydrothermal processes in process water cycles with the D-System.

Sales start: D‑System

New hotset da­ta log­ger sim­pli­fies en­er­gy analy­sis of wa­ter circuits 

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Kracher des Jahres 2021

We need your support!

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Kuteno, Sept 7–9, 2021

Fi­nal­ly, a trade fair again!

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