New think tank for injection molders and toolmakers

Do you wish to improve the quality of your plastic products and are you looking for innovative developments in the field of temperature control technology?

Are you searching for new perspectives to optimize the surface design of plastic moldings and films or to realize polymer microstructures?

Are you interested in processes and systems that enable you to control temperatures with the highest level of accuracy and precision at the right moment?

Then welcome to the System Center for Industrial Temperature Control (SIT) in Lüdenscheid! This is where you will have the opportunity to discover our latest innovations in the field of targeted temperature control of tools and process media as well as semi-finished and plastic products – and to put them to the test. Enjoy the professional atmosphere, the technical discourse with the thermodynamics specialists of hotset and the environment of a state-of-the-art technical center.

Current focus: The Z-System

SIT is currently focusing on the practical presentation and demonstration of the Z-System for partial-cyclic temperature control of the cavities of injection molding tools. For this purpose, we have installed a complete injection molding workflow at the SIT premises: With SGM from ENGEL, the control technology for the Z-system as well as mold equipment, cooling water treatment and material drying system.

This workflow will be available to you as a plastics processor, toolmaker and product developer over the next few weeks. Focusing on your specific task, you can – accompanied by the SIT team of experts – test the use of the Z-System under production conditions. You will also have the opportunity to carry out concrete sampling or material tests – with all variants of the Z-System: the fully integrated machine solution, the stand-alone version or the retrofit set.

Seize this opportunity to find out first-hand about what is probably the most innovative temperature control process currently available in the field of plastics injection molding technology.