High-quality surfaces and filigree structures

Are you faced with the task of manufacturing injection molded parts with immaculate surfaces, small wall thickness and filigree geometries?

Your injection molded parts must not display any weld lines and/or flow lines, nor dullness? And also any other visual defects (jetting, difference in gloss level) should be excluded?

Are you looking for a solution to efficiently improve the flow of the plastic melt through problematic constrictions inside the tool, and to form micro-structures and miniature components by injection molding?

Our innovative Z-System for cyclic dynamic temperature control of injection molded parts is the answer to all these questions!

  • Highly productive: high-speed solution (heating rate 60 K/s) for quick and targeted tool tempering
  • Energy-efficient: linear or punctate dynamic temperature control with small amounts of energy
  • Complete solution: ready for installation, incl. control technology for integration into the tool (similar to a hot runner system)
  • Customized: individual design layout and optimal adjustment of the system performance to the geometry of your tool and to your process requirements

Perspectives for injection molding

Our new Z-System gives you a highly innovative system solution for targeted partial and cyclic tempering of your injection molding tools. You will be able to realize visually flawless surfaces as well as very thin wall thicknesses and filigree micro-structures. A heating rate of 60 K/s allows to rapidly heat up and cool down your cavities. The Z-System by hotset is a high-speed solution to realize temperature changes in short cycles.

The Z-System by hotset however is not only quick but also intelligent and efficient. This is due to the dynamic temperature control of small amounts only, with small heat quantities and thermal separation within the tool. Therefore, the energy demand of the Z-System is minimal and in the best case it even allows to reduce the tool’s basic temperature. This means: You can reduce the cycle time for injection molding and further increase your productivity.

Customized for your individual application

Our Z-System consists of hardware and software components. It is designed by the hotset engineers for your special working conditions as known from the hot runner technology – ready for installation for your tool. Thus, each Z-System is a tailored solution which includes the synchronized control systems. The heat output is precisely adjusted via detailed parameterization according to the component’s geometry and your production process.

Before your Z-System is completed, we will provide a 3D model with the system configuration adapted to your tool. We would be happy to support you directly on site when installing the system. In any case, we will stand by your side from system integration to commissioning and training of your machine operators. We make sure that you just simply need to follow the menu navigation on the touch screen of the control.