controlled energy flow

controlled energy flow

The new logo for hotset

In keeping up with the growing demands of our customers, we have consistently expanded our range of activities and our technological skills over the course of the past few years. Meanwhile, hotset‘s service portfolio exceeds by far the manufacture of heating elements, temperature sensors and control technology. Based on our internationally successful component business, today we are realizing more and more complex thermodynamic system solutions and we act as an engineering and project partner with extensive expertise in many different industries.

The new hotset logo is a statement for the company’s further development.

Previous logo
New logo

The distinct and minimalistic design of the new hotset logo represents dynamics, flexibility and energy efficiency – and directly refers to the main topic of our daily work: How can thermal energy be provided for industrial processes in a controlled way so that it is readily available? Also the international message of our claim “controlled energy flow” is well in line with this topic.

Last but not least, we consider the simplified temperature curve of our new logo to be an analogy for such “harmonic interaction” which we know from many successful customer projects. Mostly this is the start of a prosperous cooperation.

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New claim