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Interdisciplinary and transnational

For the first time, hotset presented itself at the last Hannover trade fair as an outsourcing partner willing to assume responsibility for entire value-added chains. The example of hotset America shows how far the technological competences and the international action radius of thermodynamic specialists have since come. For quite some time now, the overseas subsidiary of the company based in Lüdenscheid has already been configuring and installing completely equipped control cabinets for a renowned manufacturer of injection molding machines. The know-how thus accumulated laid the foundation for a close cooperation with Siemens, from whom hotset received the “Synergy Panel Builder Partner” award only a few days ago.

What is currently being practiced by the American subsidiary of the German company hotset goes far over and above traditional outsourcing concepts. For some time now, the company, with its location in Swainsboro (Georgia), has been responsible for the technical configuration and assembly of ready-to-connect control cabinets, intended for use in the plastic injection molding machines of a top global manufacturer. Through their collaboration with a well-known component supplier, hotset America was able to procure the expertise for what is in the meantime a highly successful system partnership with Siemens. “The project is a current example of our holistic outsourcing offer, through which we relieve our customers of entire value-added chains”, reports hotset CEO Ralf Schwarzkopf. The company from Lüdenscheid created the basis for this achievement themselves over the past years: starting with their core competences in heating element and heating channel technology, thermodynamics and plastics technology as well as sensor and control technology, it has successively equipped itself with further engineering and production know-how. For this reason, hotset can today offer its customers a wide performance spectrum from development, via production and assembly, right up to quality assurance and logistics.

Six hundred already supplied ready for connection

At hotset’s US subsidiary plant, almost 600 control cabinets were produced over the past weeks for the control of injection molding machines. Parallel to this, the assembly of control cabinets for OEMs from other mechanical engineering branches is currently being conducted. And as this article was being written, a further company signed a contract for the delivery of 105 control cabinets. “It is of central importance to our buyers in North America that all these control cabinets are completely produced in the USA: We have followed this `build-where-used´ philosophy, and have adapted our local production and personnel capacities accordingly. In this way, we are able to supply all customers with well-equipped units ready for connection, which comply with a uniformly high quality standard”, emphasizes Ralf Schwarzkopf.

Siemens as system partner

One important guarantee for the high quality standard and the competitiveness of all control cabinets produced in Swainsboro is currently the system partnership between the company and Siemens. This gives hotset the security and flexibility necessary  for today’s customer-specific configuration and efficient assembly of modern control cabinets. In daily practice, this partnership mainly means two things: on the one hand, Siemens delivers all electrical and electronic components for the hotset control cabinets, and on the other, Siemens supports the hotset technicians with up to date engineering and application knowledge. “The transfer of know-how through our long-term based collaboration with Siemens puts us, amongst other things, in a position to fulfil customers’ wishes for compact, easily integrable control cabinets”, says David Cieslica, CEO of hotset America. A few days ago, Siemens honored the successful progression of this cooperation by awarding hotset with the quality title “Synergy Panel Builder Partner”.

“We take on the responsibility”.

The control cabinet assembly line in Swainsboro is an excellent example of the practical implementation of the holistic range of outsourcing offers by hotset. “We consistently concern ourselves with the realization of real win-win situations. We assume responsibility for complete customer value-added chains, and thus provide them with the freedom to concentrate on their own core business”, says hotset CEO Ralf Schwarzkopf. Meanwhile, the company also practices these value-added partnerships with customers from other branches - for example with a manufacturer of gas measuring devices. For this company, hotset took over the production of temperature sensor systems with installation technology, housing configuration, quality assurance and packaging with a special production line. True to the company slogan “controlled energy flow”, hotset primarily orientates its innovative range of outsourcing offers towards manufacturers who require  a precise temperature at the right time in a certain location within the scope of their production development or production. Usually, this concerns issues with heating, cooling or targeted temperatures control, i.e. thermodynamic issues. It hardly matters any more from which branch the enquiry comes. Rather, the comprehensive consideration of customers’ value-added processes provides the focus, and in practical application, the main factors of process optimization, efficiency increase and conservation of resources guide the way towards a solution.  

Value-added partnership: In hotset’s US subsidiary plant, almost 600 control cabinets were produced over the past weeks for the control of injection molding machines.