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Service offer sends a strong signal

In the in-house calibration laboratory at hotset, temperature sensors produced according to customer requirements are provided with their measurement classification and a test certificate based on the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. With this documented verification of the measuring accuracy of its sensors, the thermodynamics specialist is not only reinforcing its international market position as a system manufacturer and outsourcing partner, but also the competitive strength of all those clients using calibrated sensors in their devices, apparatus and systems. hotset is to present the current spectrum of services from its calibration laboratory at the Testing Expo Europe 2018 in Stuttgart.

Today, the thermal sensors and RDTs from the hotcontrol product series by hotset have become essential standard components worldwide for many device and systems manufacturers. The sensors are available as ready-for-use modules in different construction shapes and can be – depending on the version – used for the contacting temperature measurement of solid, liquid and gaseous media. They impress customers with their high measuring accuracy and fast response times, and have proven their worth in many branches as durable, reliable sensor solutions for high temperature ranges up to well above 1,000°C. Their scope of application ranges from plastics technology and automotive construction via the steel and ceramics industry, right up to pharmaceuticals and chemicals technology as well as the energy sector and packaging technology. In its role as system developer and outsourcing partner, hotset also utilizes its sensors for the realization of customer-specific thermodynamic units or procedural special solutions.   

Return to international SI units

At this year’s Testing Expo Europe (5.-7.6.2018) in Stuttgart, hotset will, in addition to a selection of its hotcontrol thermal sensors and RTDs, be introducing an additional service which is currently increasing in importance for an increasing number of sensor users. At Stand 1481 in Hall 10, the company will for the first time be presenting its range of offers regarding the calibration of order temperature sensors according to the standards in front of a large audience. “This sends a strong signal to the market”, says Product Manager Adrian Strojny, and explains “that the measuring accuracy of the temperature sensors are verified and documented through the return to international SI units – the so-called normals”. hotset has conducted these calibrations since 2015 in their testing laboratory set up especially for the purpose, the range of services and offers of which has since then been continuously developed. The normative basis for all test processes and issued certificates is the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Standard-conformant calibration as market advantage

The company clients profit from the hotset calibration laboratory in two ways: on the one hand, they receive with the appropriate test certificate a receipt on the measuring accuracy of the sensors and can be sure that they are receiving a product manufactured ready for installation, conformant with the standards and in line with the latest developments in technology. On the other hand, the hotset calibration places them in a position to fulfil the quality requirements of their own customer base and to provide the verification that they in fact only use certified temperature sensors for their devices or systems. As hotset Product Manager Adrian Strojny explains: “Our calibration acc. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 is held in high esteem, above all amongst our customers in the automotive industry, industrial furnace manufacturers or aerospace suppliers. As verification, they receive from us a works test certificate which is considered an acceptance test certificate 3.1 acc. DIN EN 10204. In this way, for example, they also cover many branch-typical specifications – such as the international SAE specification AMS 2570 E for the manufacture of thermal processing systems for thermal treatment, which applies in this case to the thermal sensors”. Therefore, for many device, apparatus and systems manufacturers, the calibration certificate by hotset sensors has become an important factor for maintaining and strengthening their international market position.

Recalibration to be added to range of services

The calibration laboratory by hotset is fully equipped in terms of technology and, with its calibrators, multimeters, multiplexers and reference junctions, offers everything required for the measurement inspection of temperature sensors at 0°C and within a temperature range from 150°C to 1,200°C. As a routine measure, the laboratory not only inspects the finished sensors from the hotset production, but also the supply parts arriving for their manufacture – for example the sheath material. Due to the growing demand for calibrated sensors, the management of hotset is currently planning the procurement of further calibration furnaces and baths. As Product Manager Adrian Strojny reports, “the industries currently showing an increasing amount of interest in these requirements are in particular the mechanical engineering and the automotive industries – and here primarily the manufacturers of engine test benches. In addition, it is our future aim to offer calibration for sensors by external manufacturers, too and to incorporate recalibration services for used temperature sensors into the program”.

Calibration up close. A view from above into the running process.