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Shirts for the “Baskets Lüdenscheid” in Germany

As part of our sponsorship for the Baskets Lüdenscheid we have on December 1, 2018 officially handed over the new shooting shirts to the 1st men's team. On behalf of Ralf Schwarzkopf, Marketing Manager Sylvia Schmidt was at the home game against Hagen Haspe on Saturday evening - for a photo shoot. The subsequent game against the hidden favorites from Hagen was a firework of safe baskets. The baskets were in the lead right from the start and did not give up either. The result of 71:50 is impressive. In addition to the sensational result it can be recognized what is possible with volunteer work and so much heart and soul. We are curious how the rest of the season will be.


The 1st men's team of the “Baskets Lüdenscheid” with new shooting shirts and from left to right: Amir Hujic (Trainer), Sylvia Schmidt (in the middle), Michael Tschöke (Managing Director) und Dr. Hartmut Gehlhar (Member of the Board with special tasks).