Identify an Original hotflex from hotset

In some countries e. g. Brasil and China there are third party companies that are claiming to be hotset distributors and do not have any association with hotset.
They are not authorized to distribute hotset products. These unauthorized companies are not meeting the high quality and high performance of hotset heaters. To ensure that you received and use original hotflex heaters from hotset here are some details to help you indentify them.


Hotflex heaters from hotset are marked with our brand "hotset", electrical voltage and wattage. There will be another number to identify manufacturing details.

Every heater will be marked with "CE".

Surface Material

A hotflex surface is made of stainless steel. It is completely sealed. There is no brass, copper, braided metal, flexible metal sleeve made of chain links or similar variations.

Surface Composition

The stainless steel sheeth is sealed and continues without any interruption. It looks like a section of rings. These are no spirals but always closed rings, see picture.

As the heater is highly compressed the sheeth can not be moved anyway on the heater.

Bending Behavior

Though it is compressed, sealed and made of steel the hotflex can be easily bent by hand without much force or special tools. This is one of its unique and patented advantages that our customers prefer over rigid heaters.

Why the Original

That's easy: because only the original provides you with the best heat transfer, reliability and safety.


Due to it's highly compressed consistency and patented technology the hotflex heater provides an excellent heat transfer. When you follow our well-calculated groove geometry, e. g. 8.2 mm wide for a 8.5 diameter hotflex, it will be compressed a little and contact the groove from one edge to the other. The picture shows the result of a heater installed with a plastic hammer without using any hydraulic pressure or anything else.

This supports you e. g. with

  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Reliablity (needs good heat transfer to safe the heater)
  • Rapid heat-up times


The hotflex is engineered and manufactured according to high European and German industry standards and laws. This means more reliability and less safety issues for you and your staff:

  • High voltage resistance
  • Insulation resisitance
  • Low leakage current

What does that mean?

In case of any electrical defect on a machine a low quality heater can transmit electrical voltage to the machine surface. This may introduce risks to you and your staff's health or life. Those kind of defects can occur with any machine when there is movement or changing temperatures.

Quality and Safety -
Temperature makes the difference

Some so called "Flexible Tubular Heaters" that are on the market instead of the hotflex from hotset provide acceptable electrical values in cold condition.

The material, manufacturing technology and overall quality level determines whether or not a heater is safe in the hot condition!

Reliable Information and Distributors

Unfortunately there are countries with third party companies introducing themselves as hotset distributors. Some may deliver low quality heaters and can damage our reputation.

Original hotset domain names is In some countries we have more domain names but they all forward you to our corporate website. For reliable information about products and distributors please ensure that is shown in your web browsers address line.

In case of doubt about distributors don't hesitate to contact your local sales representative, hotset office or our headquarters listed on our corporate website (see contact).