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hotset - controlled energy flow

hotset Germany has specialized in developing and production of heating elements and temperature control systems since 1973. In Lüdenscheid and Malta they manufacture high quality heating elements both as stock range and customer specific designed e. g. for plastics processing, packaging and die-casting industries.

With development of the coil heater a long term of innovations was started. By introduction of the hotflex flexible tubular heater and the hotslot nozzle heating element hotset established themselves as a well known partner to the plastics hot runner industry. They assure worldwide trusted logistics concepts. Subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, China, India and Malta, a worldwide key account service and a growing distribution network enables hotset to be represented in more than 40 countries.

Hotset also specializes in Customer specific solutions: as an engineering service provider they optimize and design more and more complete heating systems for industrial applications. Therefore the organization breaks new ground and provides its customers with new products an essential competitive advantage.


hotset proudly represents ITE + KIT and Strack Norma Products in America:

Ihne & Tesch GmbH
Keller, Ihne & Tesch KG
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Interdisciplinary and transnational

hotset is establishing value-added partnerships in control cabinet construction


Hotset America utilizes advanced control products for plastic injection machine cabinet builds

Hotset America Corporation offering a full line of cartridge, coil and flexible tubular heaters plus temperature sensor products for the plastics and machine industries.