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Coil heaters

For heating of distributor bars and hot runner nozzles (hot runner technology) as well as welding rulers and sealing heads (packaging industry).

Nozzle heating elements

For the heating of hot runner nozzles in plastic injection molding processes. Due to the low wall thickness are minimum nest distances possible.

hoflex cs
Flexible tubular heaters

The special feature is the bendable unheated zone. No design data of the groove.

Flexible tubular heaters

For the heating of hot runner distributor bars with arbitrary slot course for heating capacity close to the ground channel. Bendable by hand.

Flexible temperature channel

Flexible temperature control channel for cooling or heating with oil or water. Close contour tempering depending on self-selected slot course.

Tubular heaters

For heating hot runner manifold bars, welding bars and heating plates or also in screw-in tubular heaters, instantaneous water heaters and flange heaters.

Cartridge heaters

For heating nozzles, distributor bars, welding bars, hot stamping, cutting knives, embossing rollers and analysis equipment.

Silicone heating elements

Highly effi cient universal solution for homogeneous surface temperature control. The innovative heatsealing band geometry guarantees a rapid transmission and thus uniform distribution of heat.

Thermocouples and RTDs

For temperature measurement on heating elements and tools as well as temperature measurement for the control of the heat output.

Temperature controllers

For the regulation of the heating capacity to maintain preset tool temperatures.

Die-casting nozzle heaters

For heating of machine nozzles for the melt transport from the casting neck up to the sprue nozzle in zinc die casting.

Ceramic lubriciant

Installation and removal aid for heating cartridges. Thermally conductive and electrically insulating.