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A meaningful effect — also for the personality!

hotset interview: Sustainability in moldmaking

Sus­tain­abil­i­ty in tool and die making

If you turn to the page with the term “sus­tain­abil­i­ty” in a dic­tio­nary, two mean­ings are gen­er­al­ly un­der­stood for the word first de­posit­ed in the Rechtschreib­du­den in 1915:

In pop­u­lar us­age, it de­fines an ef­fect that lasts over a longer pe­ri­od of time. From an eco­log­i­cal point of view, it ex­plains the prin­ci­ple ac­cord­ing to which no more may be con­sumed than can be re­grown, re­gen­er­at­ed or pro­vid­ed again in the fu­ture. An­gela Vitz-Schier­gens, sales man­ag­er and au­tho­rized sig­na­to­ry at hotset has a clear opin­ion on this:

A mean­ing­ful ef­fect, al­so for the personality.

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(Source: VDWF im Dialog_2/2020)

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