Standard Parts & Accessories


for In­jec­tion Mould­ing and Diecast­ing Tools and for Punch­ing and Form­ing Tools 

Standard Parts & Accessories

As dis­trib­u­tor part­ner of STRACK NORMA GmbH & Co. KG, we are proud to pro­vide their prod­ucts.
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Our part­ner STRACK NORMA is a pro­duc­er of stan­dard parts. The us­age of stan­dard parts brings mas­sive ad­van­tages to the tool pro­duc­tion process. They al­low a flex­i­ble cal­cu­la­tion of the pro­duc­tion and elim­i­nate the risk of in­con­sis­tent prod­uct mea­sure­ments. Their stan­dard parts are a must-have for every tool­mak­er.
The stan­dard­ized plates and as­sem­blies al­low the con­struc­tion of in­jec­tion mould­ing and die cast­ing tools as well as stamp­ing and form­ing tools.
20.000 dif­fer­ent tool as­sem­blies and up to 30.000 in­di­vid­ual parts are available.

Split and Cartridges Moulds

Collapsible Cores and Folding Units

Controlled Gas Spring Systems

Latch Lock

Guide Elements

General Accessories

Spring Elements

Ejector Elements

Demoulding Direct

Demoulding Indirect

Slide Units


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