Standard Parts & Accessories


for In­jec­tion Mould­ing and Diecast­ing Tools and for Punch­ing and Form­ing Tools 

Standard Parts & Accessories

As dis­trib­u­tor part­ner of STRACK NORMA GmbH & Co. KG, we are proud to pro­vide their prod­ucts.
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Our part­ner STRACK NORMA is a pro­duc­er of stan­dard parts. The us­age of stan­dard parts brings mas­sive ad­van­tages to the tool pro­duc­tion process. They al­low a flex­i­ble cal­cu­la­tion of the pro­duc­tion and elim­i­nate the risk of in­con­sis­tent prod­uct mea­sure­ments. Their stan­dard parts are a must-have for every tool­mak­er.
The stan­dard­ized plates and as­sem­blies al­low the con­struc­tion of in­jec­tion mould­ing and die cast­ing tools as well as stamp­ing and form­ing tools.
20.000 dif­fer­ent tool as­sem­blies and up to 30.000 in­di­vid­ual parts are available.

Split and Car­tridges Moulds

Split and Cartridges Moulds

Col­lapsi­ble Cores and Fold­ing Units

Collapsible Cores and Folding Units

Con­trolled Gas Spring Systems

Controlled Gas Spring Systems

Latch Lock

Latch Lock

Guide El­e­ments and Low-Main­te­nance Slid­ing Elements

Guide Elements

Gen­er­al Accessories

General Accessories

Spring El­e­ments

Spring Elements

Ejec­tor El­e­ments, Cut­ting Elements

Ejector Elements

De­mould­ing El­e­ments — direct

Demoulding Direct

De­mould­ing El­e­ments — indirect

Demoulding Indirect

Slide Units

Slide Units

Tools, Aux­il­iary- and Op­er­at­ing Materials

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