Stress crack

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Stress cracks are some­times mi­cro­scop­ic crack(s) in ma­te­ri­als, work­pieces and com­po­nents. They are caused by stress­es in the ma­te­r­i­al struc­ture that gen­er­ate greater forces than the ma­te­r­i­al it­self is ca­pa­ble of ab­sorb­ing. Stress cracks are usu­al­ly trig­gered by me­chan­i­cal ef­fects, high tem­per­a­ture dif­fer­ences or too rapid tem­per­a­ture changes. Chem­i­cal changes in the mol­e­c­u­lar struc­ture of the ma­te­r­i­al or on its sur­face can al­so lead to stress cracks. One ex­am­ple of this is stress cor­ro­sion crack­ing. Stress cracks are al­so of­ten an in­di­ca­tion of ma­te­r­i­al fatigue.

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