DIN EN 60584

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Ca­bles, con­nec­tors and leads of ther­mo­cou­ples and com­pen­sat­ing ca­bles are marked with spe­cif­ic col­or codes. DIN EN 60584 con­tains the Eu­ro­pean iden­ti­fi­ca­tion col­or sys­tem for the col­or mark­ing of ther­mo­cou­ples and com­pen­sat­ing ca­bles. Its col­or scale dif­fers from, among oth­ers, the US (ANSI MC 91.1), Ger­man (DIN 43710), British (BS4937/1843) and French (NF C 42–324) scales. The col­or code of DIN EN 60584 makes vis­i­ble from which ma­te­ri­als (Cu, Cu­Ni, FE, NiCr, NiCr­Si and oth­ers) the leads, ca­bles and plugs of the ther­mo­cou­ples are made and how they are elec­tri­cal­ly polarized.

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